Polystix Adventures


A fascinating intersection of mathematics and art unfolds in Polystix Adventures. Within these pages lies a unique exploration of symmetric non-intersecting stick arrangements and the creative expressions that emerge from investigating the possibilities of their connections.

Anduriel Widmark, an innovator at the nexus of geometric exploration and artistic creation, invites you to discover the elegance of Polystix, a realm where simple elements converge to reveal an infinite array of precise symmetric models. Through a series of inviting investigations, instructions, models, and intricate sculptures, this book demystifies complex mathematical concepts and showcases their inherent beauty.

Polystix Adventures is more than a book; its guide with an invitation to view the world through the lens of geometry, to appreciate the beauty in mathematics, and to unleash your creativity. Whether you're a seasoned mathematician, an aspiring artist, or simply someone curious about the patterns that make up our world, this book offers a new perspective on the fascinating interplay between art and mathematics. Let Polystix lead you through a world of unexpected shapes to discover spaces of spectacular symmetry.

108 pages, 8.5x11in. (pbk)
LCCN 2024908968
ISBN 978-1-304-51803-3

2024 Anduriel Widmark.